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Given the advances in technology and the initiatives that are being done to integrate the various supply chain members, we see going digital as a clear path for this industry. One that is becoming easier to do with time. Our mission at Enterprise Cargo is to empower freight forwarders through technology and to allow them to evolve into the digital forwarders that the near-future needs.

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Beautifully handcrafted logistics shipping and freight forwarding software

With Enterprise Cargo Software, we create a web-based user-friendly for you to have different Modules such as ORGANIZATION, SALES, OPERATIONS, FINANCE and SECURITY.


Save time on your process and lets you focus on your core business.

Centralized Data Base

Speeds up communication between teams and departments. The whole team can share and analyze what's the next best action having a real time data on their hand.

User Role Based Access

Provides different levels of security for your business and reduce administration work and simplifies process.

Here's how we do things differently


Software safeguards your data with controls like permissions and encryption.

Highly Customizable

We deliver successful solutions that accord with all the specified requirements while invariably staying within time and budget limits. Along with full-cycle custom development.

24/7 Support

Our software is available 24/7 and we make sure all functions are working for quality experience. Our Team is also happy to assist specific concerns via call or email.


Wide range of knowledge people in our pool and on our client data base. A community that can help and improve our freight forwarding and shipping software.


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With Enterprise Cargo, your shipping and freight forwarding will be digital.

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Enterprise Cargo offers you pay as you go scheme. You only pay for the services you consume, and once you stop using them, there are no additional costs or termination fees.

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Cloud System and Storage

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Quality Support

8 Minimum Users

Cloud System and Storage

Access Anywhere

98.88% Uptime Guarantee

Quality Support



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